Summer School: High Resolution & Analytical Microscopy

SUMMER SCHOOL: High Resolution & Analytical Microscopy

16. September 2024

Drei Wochen Blockvorlesung mit Praktikum - High Resolution & Analytical Microscopy SS 2024 (in English) 16.09.2024 - 11.20.2024

High Resolution & Analytical Microscopy

Atomic-scale investigations are absolutely vital for advancing our understanding of the fundamental building blocks of matter! These detailed studies allow us to explore and manipulate materials at their most fundamental level, leading to groundbreaking discoveries in fields such as nanotechnology, materials science, and quantum physics. By participating in our summer school, you'll gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge techniques, work alongside leading experts, and be at the forefront of scientific innovation. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to delve into the fascinating world of atomic-scale research and make a real impact on the future of materials science. Join us and become a part of this exciting journey!

  • Lectures (9:15-10:45, 11:15-12:45)

      - by Prof. Dr. G. Schmitz and leading scientists in their field

  • Laboratory sessions (9:00–13:00 and 14:00–18:00)

      - in groups of two to three people

      - including various experts in different fields

  • Skills to be acquired

      - theoretical and practical understanding

      - sample preparation for electron microscopy & atom probe tomography

      - performing transmission electron microscopy, scanning electron microscopy &                 atom probe tomography

      - interpretation and evaluation of the results

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