Advanced Materials Science Seminar

Seminar in the 1st semester of the Master Materials Science

Lab course "Advanced Materials Science Seminar" in the Master Materials Science

In the course "Advanced Science Seminar", a topic from the field of material science is to be deepened. For this purpose, subject areas will be offered by scientists a few weeks before the start of the lecture period. For each topic 5-12 participants can register. The registration is done directly by the persons who offer the respective topic. The contact details are included in  the links below in the "Announcements" column.

The course takes the form of a scientific seminar (presentation of one's own lecture and discussion of other students' contributions) and the certified attendance of the Materials Science Colloquium (8 lectures). Each participant has to present a paper within the seminar. The individual lectures should be discussed and debated.

The seminar is passed if the following criteria are met:

  • the attendance of 8 lectures of the Materials Science Colloquium
  • the participation in all seminar dates of the own topic area
  • Presentation and passing of a seminar lecture


Topics offered for the winter semester 2020/2021

Title Announcement ILIAS link
Bioinspired Materials Notice_Department_Bill  
Materials Design Notice_PD Dr. Zotov  
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