Bewerbung Bachelor/Master (EU)

Informationen zur Bewerbung zum Bachelor- und Masterstudiengang Materialwissenschaft für EU-Bürger.

Prerequesite for the admission to the Master program

As a consecutive program for graduate students, the Master Courses in Material Science require an approriate Bachelor degree. Beside the dedicated material topics (e.g. physical metallurgy, crystallography, materials chemistry, mechanisms of mechanical strength, polymeric materials, ceramics), a qualifying bachelor program must have a strong record in natural science and mathematics. You must demonstrate a sound introduction to solid state and organic chemistry as well as quantum and solid state physics. As a rule, a classical program in  Mechanical Engineering or Mechantronics does not represent a sufficient preparation, except with an extraordinary focus on materials.

Required Documents for your Master application

  • Bachelor and /or diploma degree (certified copy)

  • Certificate with the cumulative grade of your degree

  • Transcript of records, indicating all courses with the grade and the number of credit points and /or the number of hours.

  • Certification of your English fluency (see above).

  • A very short letter to explain your motivation for studying a graduate program in material science. This letter must contain a short summary of your previous bachelor studies, i.e. state the total number of credit points earned in your Bachelor studies and the total duration of the program or state the number of credit points earned in the following subtopics:
    - mathematics,
    - physics and physical chemistry
    - general chemistry
    - organic chemistry  and polymer science
    - quantum mechanics
    - material science
  • Please download the supplementary application, print it, fill it out by hand, scan it and upload it again in C@MPUS.

If one of the indicated documents is missing the application can not be considered.


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