Publikationen der Abteilung Chemische Materialsynthese

Publikationen 2023 - 2008

[110] K. Wissel*; A. Haben; K. Küster; U. Starke; R. Kautenburger; W. Ensinger; O. Clemens

Recycling of β-Li3PS4-based all-solid-state Li-ion batteries: Interactions of electrode materials and electrolyte in a dissolution-based separation process

Advanced Energy and Sustainability Research, accepted, 2024


[109] F. N. I. Sari; Y. C. Lai; Y. J. Huang; X. Y. Wei; H. Pourzolfaghar; Y. H. Chang; M. Ghufron; Y. Y. Li; Y. H. Su; O. Clemens; J. M. Ting*

Electronic Structure Engineering in NiFe Sulfide via A Third Metal Doping as Efficient Bifunctional OER/ORR Electrocatalyst for Rechargeable ZincAir Battery

Adv. Funct. Mater., accepted, 2024

[1] V. Vanita; A. I. Waidha; P. Puphal; S. Vasala; R. Schoch; M. Bauer; P. Glatzel; O. Clemens*

Insights into the First Multi-Transition-Metal Containing Ruddlesden Popper-Type Cathode for all-solid-state Fluoride Ion Batteries

preprint available, submitted


[2] H. Chen; T. H. Aalto; V. Vanita; O. Clemens*

Effect of Uniaxial Stack Pressure on the Performance of Nanocrystalline Electrolytes and Electrode Composites for All-Solid-State Fluoride-Ion-Batteries

preprint available, submitted

[108] M. Jacob; K. Wissel; O. Clemens*

Recycling of solid-state batteries—challenge and opportunity for a circular economy?

Materials Futures, 3, 1, 012101, 2024


[107] M. Widenmeyer*; J. Häcker; C. Bubeck; S. Yoon; O. Clemens; A. Weidenkaff

Sequential double anionic substitution through synthesis of perovskite-type AB(O,N,F)3 with A = Ca, Sr, Ba and B = Ti, Zr

Solid State Sciences, 146, 107376, 2023


[106] A. Klein*; K. Albe; N. Bein; O. Clemens; K. A. Creutz; P. Erhart; M. Frericks; E. Ghorbani; J. P. Hofmann; B. X. Huang; B. Kaiser; U. Kolb; J. Koruza; C. Kübel; K. N. S. Lohaus; J. Rödel; J. Rohrer; W. Rheinheimer; R. A. Souza; V. Streibel; A. Weidenkaff; M. Widenmeyer; B. X. Xu; H. B. Zhang

The Fermi energy as common parameter to describe charge compensation mechanisms: A path to Fermi level engineering of oxide electroceramics

  1. Electroceram., 51, 147-177, 2023


[105]   K. Wissel*; L. M. Riegger; C. Schneider; A. I. Waidha; T. Famprikis; Y. Ikeda; B. Grabowski; R. E. Dinnebier; B. V. Lotsch; J. Janek; W. Ensinger; O. Clemens

Dissolution and Recrystallization Behavior of Li3PS4 in Different Organic Solvents with a Focus on N-Methylformamide

ACS Appl. Energy Mater., 6, (15), 7790-7802, 2023


[104]   A. I. Waidha*; A. Salihovic; M. Jacob; V. Vanita; B. Aktekin; K. Brix; K. Wissel; R. Kautenburger; J. Janek; W. Ensinger; O. Clemens

Recycling of All-Solid-State Li-ion Batteries: A Case Study of the Separation of Individual Components Within a System Composed of LTO, LLZTO and NMC

ChemSusChem, 16, (13), e202202361, 2023


[103]   D. McTaggart; S. C. Warren; O. Clemens*

Reconsidering Anode Materials for Fluoride-Ion Batteries-The Unexpected Roles of Carbide Formation

ChemSusChem, 16, (18), e202300486, 2023


[102]   V. Vanita; A. I. Waidha; S. Yadav; J. J. Schneider; O. Clemens*

Conductivity enhancement within garnetrich polymer composite electrolytes via the addition of succinonitrile

International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology, 20, (1), 236-250, 2023


[101]   T. X. Nguyen; K.-H. Yang; Y.-J. Huang; Y.-H. Su; O. Clemens; R.-K. Xie; Y.-J. Lin; J.-F. Lee; J.-M. Ting*

Anodic oxidation-accelerated self-reconstruction of tri-metallic Prussian blue analogue toward robust oxygen evolution reaction performance

Chem. Eng. J., 474, 2023


[100]   T. X. Nguyen; J. Patra; C. C. Tsai; W. Y. Xuan; H. Y. T. Chen; M. S. Dyer; O. Clemens; J. Li; S. B. Majumder; J. K. Chang; J. M. Ting*

Secondary-Phase-Induced Charge-Discharge Performance Enhancement of Co-Free High Entropy Spinel Oxide Electrodes for Li-Ion Batteries

Adv. Funct. Mater., 33, (30), 2023

[99] Y. Ou; Y. Ikeda; O. Clemens; B. Grabowski*

Dynamic stabilization of perovskites at elevated temperatures: A comparison between cubic BaFeO3 and vacancy-ordered monoclinic BaFeO2.67

Physical Review B, 106, 6, 064308, 2022


[98]     M. Donzelli; T. Ferber; V. Vanita; A. I. Waidha; P. Müller; M. Mellin; R. Hausbrand; W. Jaegermann; O. Clemens*

On the surface modification of LLZTO with LiF via a gas-phase approach and the characterization of the interfaces of LiF with LLZTO as well as PEO+LiTFSI

Materials, accepted, 2022



[97] K. Wissel; F. Bernardini; H. Oh; S. Vasala; R. Schoch; B. Blaschkowski; P. Glatzel; M. Bauer; O. Clemens*; A. Cano*

Single-Layer T'; Nickelates: Synthesis of the La and Pr Members and Electronic Properties across the Rare-Earth Series

Chemistry of Materials, accepted, 2022.


[96.] X. Xiao; M. Widenmeyer; M. Mellin; A. I. Waidha; O. Clemens; A. Weidenkaff; W. Xie*

Synergistic effects of Eu and Nb dual substitution on improving the thermoelectric performance of the natural perovskite CaTiO3

Materials Today Physics, 26, 100741, 2022.  


[95] M. M. Byranvand; T. Kodalle; W. Zuo; T. M. Friedlmeier; M. Abdelsamie; K. Hong; S. Perween; O. Clemens; C. M. Sutter-Fella; M. Saliba*

One-step thermal gradient-, antisolvent-free crystallization of all-inorganic perovskites for stable solar cells at 300 °C

Advanced Science, 9, 23, e2202441, 2022.


[94] M. A. Nowroozi*, A. I. Waidha, M. Jacob, P. A. van Aken, F. Predel, W. Ensinger, O. Clemens

Towards Recycling of LLZO solid-electrolyte exemplarily performed on LFP/LLZO/LTO cells

Chemistry Open, 11, 3, e202100274, 2022.


[93] J. Patra, T. X. Nguyen, C. C. Tsai, O. Clemens, J. Li, P. Pal, W. K. Chan, C. H. Lee, H. Y. T. Chen, J. M. Ting, J. K. Chang

Effects of Elemental Modulation on Phase Purity and Electrochemical Properties of Cofree HighEntropy Spinel Oxide Anodes for LithiumIon Batteries

Advanced Functional Materials, 2110992, 2022.


[92] M. Rumpel, F. Nagler, L. Appold, W. Stracke, A. Flegler, O. Clemens, G. Sextl*

Thermal stabilities of Mn-based active materials in combination with the ceramic electrolyte LATP for ASSB bulk cathodes

Materials Advances, 3, 9, 4015-4025, 2022.


[91] S. Kesari; A. B. Garg; O. Clemens; B. Joseph; R. Rao*

Pressure Induced Structural Instability of Orthorhombic Mn3(VO4)2:  Raman Spectroscopic and XRD Investigations

ACS Omega, 7, 3, 3099-3108, 2022  


[90] A. Sarkar*; B. Eggert; R. Witte; J. Lill; L. Velasco; Q. Wang; J. Sonar; K. Ollefs; S. S. Bhattacharya; R. A. Brand; H. Wende; F. M. F. de Groot; O. Clemens; H. Hahn; R. Kruk

Comprehensive investigation of crystallographic, spin-electronic and magnetic structure of (Co0.2Cr0.2Fe0.2Mn0.2Ni0.2)3O4: Unraveling the suppression of configuration entropy in high entropy oxides

Acta Materialia, 226, 117581, 2022


[89] T. Xuyen Nguyen; C.-C. Tsai; J. Patra; O. Clemens; J.-K. Chang; J.-M. Ting

Co-free high entropy spinel oxide anode with controlled morphology and crystallinity for outstanding charge/discharge performance in Lithium-ion batteries

Chemical Engineering Journal, 430, 132658, 2021



[88]        T. Famprikis; H. Bouyanfif; P. Canepa; M. Zbiri; J. A. Dawson; E. Suard; F. Fauth; H. Y. Playford; D. Dambournet; O. J. Borkiewicz; M. Courty; O. Clemens; J. N. Chotard; M. S. Islam; C. Masquelier*

Insights into the Rich Polymorphism of the Na(+) Ion Conductor Na3PS4 from the Perspective of Variable-Temperature Diffraction and Spectroscopy

Chem Mater, 33, (14), 5652-5667, 2021


[87]        C.-Y. Huang; C.-W. Huang; M.-C. Wu; J. Patra; T. Xuyen Nguyen; M.-T. Chang; O. Clemens; J.-M. Ting; J. Li; J.-K. Chang; W.-W. Wu

Atomic-scale investigation of Lithiation/Delithiation mechanism in High-entropy spinel oxide with superior electrochemical performance

Chemical Engineering Journal, 420, 129838, 2021


[86]        S. Kesari; A. B. Garg; O. Clemens; R. Rao*

Compression effect on structure of the Li-stabilized high-temperature phase of Mn3(VO4)2 with composition Li0.2Mn2.9(VO4)2 - Raman spectroscopic and X-ray diffraction investigations

Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 870, 159418, 2021


[85] S. Vasala; L. Alff; O. Clemens*

Tuning of superdiamagnetism in La2CuO4 by solid-state electrochemical fluorination and defluorination

APL Materials, 9, (4), 041107, 2021


[84] A. I. Waidha; T. Ferber; M. Donzelli; N. Hosseinpourkahvaz; V. Vanita; K. Dirnberger; S. Ludwigs; R. Hausbrand; W. Jaegermann; O. Clemens*

Compositional Dependence of Li-Ion Conductivity in Garnet-Rich Composite Electrolytes for All-Solid-State Lithium-Ion Batteries-Toward Understanding the Drawbacks of Ceramic-Rich Composites

ACS Appl Mater Interfaces, 13, (26), 31111-31128, 2021


[83] A. I. Waidha; H. Khatoon Siddiqui; Y. Ikeda; M. Lepple; S. Vasala; M. Donzelli; A. D. Fortes; P. Slater; B. Grabowski; U. I. Kramm*; O. Clemens*

Structural, Magnetic and Catalytic Properties of a New Vacancy Ordered Perovskite Type Barium Cobaltate BaCoO2.67

Chemistry – A European Journal, 27, (38), 9763-9767, 2021


[82] A. I. Waidha; V. Vanita; O. Clemens*

PEO Infiltration of Porous Garnet-Type Lithium-Conducting Solid Electrolyte Thin Films

Ceramics, 4, (3), 421-436, 2021


[81] S. Wollstadt; Y. Ikeda; A. Sarkar; S. Vasala; C. Fasel; L. Alff; R. Kruk; B. Grabowski; O. Clemens*

Structural and Magnetic Properties of BaFeO2.667 Synthesized by Oxidizing BaFeO2.5 Obtained via Nebulized Spray Pyrolysis

Inorg Chem, 60, (15), 10923-10933, 2021


[80] A.-K. Fetzer; A. Wohninsland; K. Hofmann; O. Clemens; L. K. Venkataraman; H.-J. Kleebe*

Domain structure and phase evolution in quenched and furnace cooled lead-free Na1/2Bi1/2TiO3-BaTiO3 ceramics

Open Ceramics, 5, 100077, 2021


[79] M. A. Nowroozi; I. Mohammad; P. Molaiyan; K. Wissel; A. R. Munnangi*; O. Clemens*

Fluoride Ion Batteries - Past, Present, and Future

Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 9, 10, 5980-6012, 2021


[78] S. Wollstadt, R. de Souza, O. Clemens*

A kinetic study of the interdiffusion of fluorine and oxygen inside the perovskite type barium ferrate system BaFeO2.5-xF2x

Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 125, 4, 2287-2298, 2021


[77] K. Wissel, R. Schoch, T. Vogel, M. Donzelli, G. Matveeva, U. Kolb, M. Bauer, P. R. Slater, O. Clemens*

Electrochemical reduction and oxidation of Ruddlesden-Popper type La2NiO3F2 within Fluoride-Ion Batteries

Chemistry of Materials, 33, 2, 499-512, 2021


[76] C. Prössl, M. Kubler, M. A. Nowroozi, S. Paul, O. Clemens, U. I. Kramm*

Investigation of the thermal removal steps of capping agents in the synthesis of bimetallic iridium-based catalysts for the ethanol oxidation reaction

Phys Chem Chem Phys 23, 1, 563-573, 2021



[75] S. Vasala, A. Jakob, K. Wissel, A. I. Waidha, L. Alff, O. Clemens*

Reversible Tuning of Magnetization in a Ferromagnetic Ruddlesden–PopperType Manganite by Electrochemical FluorideIon Intercalation

Advanced Electronic Materials 6, 2, 1900974, 2020

[74] A. I. Waidha, L. Ni, J. Ali, M. Lepple, S. Dasgupta, S. Wollstadt, L. Alff, U. I. Kramm*, O. Clemens*

Synthesis of bifunctional BaFe1-xCoxO3-y-δ(OH)y catalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction and oxygen evolution reaction

Journal of Materials Chemistry A 8, 616-625, 2020

[73] K. Wissel, A. M. Malik, S. Vasala, S. Plana-Ruiz, U. Kolb, P. R. Slater, I. da Silva, L. Alff, J. Rohrer, O. Clemens*

Topochemical reduction of La2NiO3F2: the first Ni-based Ruddlesden-Popper n = 1 T’-type structure and the impact of reduction on magnetic ordering

Chemistry of Materials 32, 7, 3160-3179, 2020

[72] K. Wissel, T. Vogel, S. Dasgupta, A. D. Fortes, P. R. Slater, O. Clemens*

Topochemical Fluorination of n = 2 Ruddlesden-Popper Type Sr3Ti2O7 to Sr3Ti2O5F4 and Its Reductive Defluorination

Inorganic Chemistry 59, 2, 1153-1163, 2020

[71] S. Wollstadt, O. Clemens*

On the Impact of the Degree of Fluorination on the ORR Limiting Processes within Iron Based Catalysts: A Model Study on Symmetrical Films of Barium Ferrate

Materials 13, 11, 2532, 2020

[70] M. A. Nowroozi, K. Wissel, M. Donzelli, N. Hosseinpourkahvaz, S. Plana-Ruiz, U. Kolb, R. Schoch, M. Bauer, A. M. Malik, J. Rohrer, S. Ivlev, F. Kraus, O. Clemens*

High cycle life all-solid-state fluoride ion battery with La2NiO4+d high voltage cathode

Communications Materials 1, 1, 27, 2020

[69] E. Ahiavi, J. A. Dawson, U. Kudu, M. Courty, M. S. Islam, O. Clemens, C. Masquelier, T. Famprikis*

Mechanochemical synthesis and ion transport properties of Na3OX (X = Cl, Br, I and BH4) antiperovskite solid electrolytes

Journal of Power Sources 471, 228489, 2020

[68] A. Jarvis, F. J. Berry, J. F. Marco, M. Sanchez-Arenillas, G. Cibin, O. Clemens, P. R. Slater*

Synthesis and characterisation of Sr4Fe3-xCrxO10-δ: Stabilisation of n=3 Ruddlesden-Popper phases through Cr doping

Journal of Solid State Chemistry 287, 121372, 2020

[67] C. Mortan, T. Hellmann, M. Buchhorn, M. D. Melzi, O. Clemens, T. Mayer, W. Jaegermann*

Preparation of methylammonium lead iodide (CH3NH3PbI3) thin film perovskite solar cells by chemical vapor deposition using methylamine gas (CH3NH2) and hydrogen iodide gas

Energy Science & Engineering 8, 9, 2020

[66] P. Ren, Y. Wang, A. I. Waidha, O. Clemens, Lalitha K. V*

Compositionally driven relaxor to ferroelectric crossover in (1 − x)Na0.5Bi0.5TiO3–xBiFeO3 (0 ≤ x ≤ 0.60)

Journal of Materials Chemistry C 8, 25, 8613-8621, 2020

[65] S. P. Singh*, R. Witte, O. Clemens, A. Sarkar, L. Velasco, R. Kruk, H. Hahn

Magnetic Tb75Fe25 Nanoglass for Cryogenic Permanent Magnet Undulator

ACS Applied Nano Materials 3, 7, 7281-7290, 2020

[64] T. Stohr, A. Fischer, F. Muench, M. Antoni, S. Wollstadt, C. Lohaus, U. Kunz, O. Clemens, A. Klein, W. Ensinger*

Electroless Nanoplating of Pd−Pt Alloy Nanotube Networks: Catalysts with Full Compositional Control for the Methanol Oxidation Reaction

ChemElectroChem 7, 3, 855-864, 2020

[63] T. Famprikis, J. A. Dawson, F. Fauth, O. Clemens, E. Suard, B. Fleutot, M. Courty, J.-N. Chotard, M. S. Islam, C. Masquelier*

A new plastic polymorph of the Na+ conductor Na3PS4

ACS Materials Letters 1, 6, 641-646, 2019


[62] A. Nair, S. Wollstadt, R. Witte, S. Dasgupta, P. Kehne, L. Alff, P. Komissinskiy*, O. Clemens*

Synthesis and Characterisation of fluorinated epitaxial films of BaFeO2F: Introducing magnetic isotropy via a lowering of epitaxial strain

RSC Advances 9, 64, 37136-37143, 2019


[61] M. Botros*, T. Scherer, R. Popescu, A. Kilametov, O. Clemens, H. Hahn

Microstrain and electrochemical performance of garnet solid electrolyte integrated in a hybrid battery cell

RSC Advances 9, 53, 31102-31114, 2019


[60] T. Famprikis; J. Galipaud; O. Clemens; B. Pecquenard; F. Le Cras*

Composition dependence of ionic conductivity in LiSiPO(N) thin-film electrolytes for solid-state batteries

ACS Applied Energy Materials 2, 7 4782-4791, 2019


[59] C. Mortan; O. Clemens; T. Mayer; W. Jaegermann*

XPS and XRD Characterization of Methylammonium Tin Iodide (CH3NH3SnI3) Perovskite Thin Films produced via Flash Evaporation for Application in Solar Cell Devices

physica status solidi (a) 216, 18, 1900209, 2019


[58] R. Dachauer; O. Clemens; K. Lakus-Wollny; T. Mayer; W. Jaegermann*

Characterization of CH3NH3PbI3 Thin Films Fabricated by Exposure of PbI2 Layers to MAI Vapor in a Closed Crucible Transformation Process

physica status solidi (a) 216, 11, 1800894, 2019  


[57] Holger Euchner, O. Clemens, M. Anji Reddy*

Unlocking the Potential of Weberite-type Metal Fluorides in Electrochemical Energy Storage

npj Computational Materials 5, 1, 31, 2019


[56] A. I. Waidha, H. Zhang, M. Lepple, S. Dasgupta, L. Alff, P. R. Slater, A. D. Fortes, O. Clemens*

BaCoO2+δ: A new highly oxygen deficient perovskite phase with unusual Co coordination obtained by high temperature reaction with short reaction times

Chemical Communications 47, 32, 11136-11139, 2018

[55] M. A. Nowroozi, O. Clemens*

Insights on the Behavior of Conversion Based Anode Materials for Fluoride Ion Batteries by Testing Against an Intercalation-Based Reference Cathode

ACS Applied Energy Materials, 1, 6626-6637, 2018


[54] A. Shahrei, M. Kuebler, I. Martinaiou, K. A. Creutz, M. A. Nowroozi, S. Paul, N. Weidler, R. W. Stark, O. Clemens, U. I. Kramm*

On the role of hydroxide species in sulphur- and nitrogen-doped cobalt-based carbon catalysts for the oxygen evolution reaction

Journal of Materials Chemistry A 6, 44, 22310-22319, 2018


[53] P. A. Sukkurji, A. Molinari, C. Reitz, R. Witte, C. Kübel, V. S. K. Chakravadhanula, R. Kruk, O. Clemens*

Anion Doping of Ferromagnetic Thin Films of La0.74Sr0.26MnO3-d via Topochemical Fluorination

Materials, 11, 1204, 2018


[52] M. A. Nowroozi, B. P. de Laune, O. Clemens*

Reversible Electrochemical Intercalation / Deintercalation of Fluoride Ions into Host Lattices with Schafarzikite Type Structure

Chemistry Open, 7, 617-623, 2018


[51] A. I. Waidha, M. Lepple, K. Wissel, S. Wollstadt, A. Benes, P. R. Slater, D. A. Fortes, O. Clemens*

Synthesis, structure and electrical conductivity of a new perovskite type barium cobaltate BaCoO1.80(OH)0.86

Dalton Transactions, 47, 11136-11145, 2018


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Exploring Active Sites in Multi-heteroatom Doped Co-based Catalysts for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction.

Chemistry – A European Journal, 24, 12480-12484, 2018


[49] K. Wissel, S. Dasgupta, A. Benes, R. Schoch, M. Bauer, R. Witte, A. D. Fortes, J. Rohrer, O. Clemens*

Developing intercalation based anode materials for fluoride-ion batteries: Topochemical reduction of Sr2TiO3F2 via a hydride based defluorination process

Journal of Materials Chemistry A 6, 44, 22013-22026, 2018 (Emerging Investigators Edition)


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Topochemical Fluorination of La2NiO4+d: Unprecedented ordering of oxide and fluoride ions in La2NiO3F2

Inorganic Chemistry, 57, 6549-6560, 2018


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Structure and Electrochemical Properties of Na2±xV3P2O13 (x = 0 and 1): A Promising Cathode Material for Sodium-Ion Batteries

Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 6, 6947-6958, 2018


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La2CoO4: A New Intercalation Based Cathode Material for Fluoride Ion Batteries with Improved Cycling Stability

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Materials 11, 1, 52, 2018


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Solid State Ionics 313, 32-44, 2017


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Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 50, 115302, 2017


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Garnet-type Li7La3Zr2O12 solid electrolyte thin films grown by novel CO2-laser assisted CVD for all-solid-state batteries

Journal of the Electrochemical Society 164, 1, A6131-A6139, 2017


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Solid State Ionics 300, 106-113, 2017


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Multicomponent Equiatomic Rare Earth Oxides

Materials Research Letters 5, 2, 102-109, 2017

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VOCl as a Cathode for Rechargeable Chloride Ion Batteries

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