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Zaklina Burghard

Frau Dr.

Institut für Materialwissenschaft
Bioinspirierte Materialien


Heisenbergstr. 3
70569 Stuttgart
Raum: 1S4


Bioinspired synthesis and characterization of nanostructured oxide based paper-like composite materials, which mimic the structural design principles of biomaterials. The focus is on development of mechanically stable materials for use as actuators, sensors and electrochemical energy storage.


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Professional background

since 2006

Group leader, Faculty of Chemistry, Institute for Materials Science, Chair of Chemical Materials Synthesis, University of Stuttgart, Germany.
Teaching activities, e.g., Exercises Material Science (Master's program); Synthesis and Properties of Ceramic Materials, Materials Science Seminar (Bachlor & Masters course).

2004–2006 Postdoctoral research fellow, Max Planck Institute for Metals Research Powder Metallurgy Laboratory, Stuttgart, Germany.

Academic Career


Dr. rer. nat., Materials Science, Faculty of Chemistry, Institute for Materials Science, University of Stuttgart, Germany. Thesis: Behavior of glasses and polymer derived amorphous ceramics under contact stress.
1995–1999 Magister of Science, Materials Science, Institute for Construction Materials, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade, Serbia. Thesis: The influence of SiC particles on the microstructure and mechanical properties of metal matrix composites.
1987–1995 Diploma, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade, Serbia. Thesis: Thermodynamic and exergy analysis of condenser with condensation in the pipes.
2017- 2020 SVG-ID:0090018, Bioinspirierte V2O5 Nanostrukturen - In Richtung hoch kapazitive Zwei-Ionen Batterien", Vector Stiftung.
2014–2017 BioMatS-16, Selbstwachsende Nanopiezoaktorik; Ein bioinspirierter Ansatz, Baden-Württemberg Stiftung (BWS).
2014–2016 BU 2713/2-1, Synthese und Bestimmung der mechanischen Eigenschaften von aufgerollten Nanokompositen als Modell von Schwammnadeln, Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft (DFG).
2011–2012 BI 469/17, Synthesis and characterization of paper-like, nanostructured electrodes for advanced secondary batteries, DFG.
2009–2012 BI 469/15-1, Biologische Erzeugung von Oxidkeramiken; In vivo und in vitro Synthesen von Oxidkeramiken, DFG.
2008–2010 BI469/14-2, Nanomechanical characterisation of multilayered organic–inorganic composite films produced by bioinspired processing routes (zweite Projektlaufzeit), DFG.
2006–2008  AL384/37-1, Nanomechanical characterization of multilayered organic-inorganic composite films produced by bioinspired processing routes, DFG.
2005–2008  BI 469/10, Synthesis and property characterization of precursor-derived ceramics reinforced by functionalized single-wall carbon nanotubes, DFG.
2005–2008  I-810-236.10, Ti alloy scaffolds with hierarchical pore structure and tailored mechanical and osteogenic properties using monolayer coatings–immobilized biomolecules, German-Israel-Foundation (GIF). 

T. Jahnke, A. Knöller, S. Kilper, D. Rothenstein, M. Widenmeyer, Z. Burghard, J. Bill, Coalescence in Hybrid Materials: The Key to High-Capacity Electrodes, ACS APPLIED ENERGY MATERIALS, 1, 7085 (2018).

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A. Knöller, S. Kilper, A. M. Diem, M. Widenmeyer, T. Runčevski, R. E. Dinnebier, J. Bill, Z. Burghard, Ultrahigh Damping Capacities in Lightweight Structural Materials, NANO LETTERS, 18, 2519 (2018).

Z. Burghard, A. Leinweber, P. A. Van Aken, et al., Hydrogen bond reinforced vanadia nanofiber paper of high stiffness, ADVANCED MATERIALS, 25, 2468, (2013).

Z. Burghard, L. Zini, V. Srot, et al., Toughening through nature adapted nanoscale design, NANO LETTERS, 9, 4103, (2009).


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2012 Z. Burghard, J. Bill, S. Deenan, Process for deposition of thin layers of metal oxides, 20120202068 (2012). Diese Patentanmeldung beinhaltet einen Prozess zur Abscheidung von Metalloxiden (z.B. Titandioxid) in Form einer dünnen Schicht auf einem Substrat, mithilfe eines Biopolymer-Templats, insbesondere eines Hydrophobins. BASF GmbH, Universität Stuttgart, Max Planck Gesellschaft.
2018 J. Spatz, A. Micoulet, M. Hackner, Z. Burghard, T. Jahnke, Pressure Induced Welding of Amorphous Metal Fibers, EP 18183945.7-1108 (2018), The invention relates to a network of metal fibers, a method for producing a network of metal fibers, an electrode containing a network of metal fibers, and a battery comprising such an electrode. Max Planck Gesellschaft, Universität Stuttgart

Master (8), Bachelor (7), Diploma (8), PhD (4).

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