Optical microscopy and further equipment

Information about our equipment mainly utilised for specimen preparation.

Optical Microscopes


  • Leica universal optics (brightfield, darkfield, Pol, DIC)
  • 6-fach objective revolver
  • XY- stage
  • Trino tube
  • 100 Watt lighting

Zeiss Axiophot

  • Universal microscope (brightfield, darkfield, fluorescence, DIC)
  • XY- stage
  • 100 Watt lighting

NewView 5000 - Wight Light Interferometer (Zygo)

  • Vertical resolution: 0.1-20 nm
  • Lateral resolution range: 0.64 – 2.6 μm
  • Maximum vertical step width: 5 mm
  • Objectives: 5x, 10x, 50x
  • Vertical scan rate: ≤ 10 μm/sec

Cryo Specimen Preparation

Leica EM VCM


Leica EM VCT500

Vakuum-Cryo-Transfer system

Leica EM ACE600


Mechanical Specimen Preparation


  • Accutom-50 (Struers): water coole precision cutters
  • Small mechanical workshop (drilling, milling, sawing, ...)

Grinding and Polishing

  • Grinding- and polishing machin with 2 discs each: Phoenix 3000 and Phoenix Alpha (Jean Wirtz )
  • Vibration polisher VibroMet-2 (Buehler)


  • Automatic Mounting Press SimpliMet 1000 (Buehler)
  • Possibilites for cold specimen mounting

Heat Treatments

Hydrogen Reactor


  • Ar, N2, NH3, H2
  • Vertical tube fornace with option for specimen quenching

Wetting furnace for solder experiments

MILA-5000 (ULVAC GmbH)

  • Mini Lamp Annealer
  • For Rapid Thermal Processing (RTO)
  • Quadratic specimens up to 50 mm
  • Up to 1200 °C
  • In vacuum or Ar- atmosphere

More Furnaces

  • Tube furnaces:
    • Three horziontal and one vertical tube furnace
    • Two vertical UHV- tube fornaces
  • Chamber furnace KLS/12/M (Thermconept): <1050 °C, 3 kW, 16 A
  • High temperature furnace HT 08/17 (Nabertherm): <1750 °C, 8 kW, 21 A

Further Equipment

Chemistry Laboratory

Among others:

  • Five fume hoods
  • Tenupol-5 (Struers): electrochemical specimen preparation for TEM
  • Electrochemichal polishing station (for APT, EBSD)
  • Two precision balances (Mettler A100, Mettler AE 163): down to 0.01 mg


Mass spectrometer 7700 Series (Agilent Technologies)

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Patrick Stender


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Guido Schmitz

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