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Information and LInks for Software related to Atom Probe Tomography (APT).

APT software

TAPSim is a simulation package which has been developed to achieve a better understanding of artefacts arising from samples with heterogenous evaporation properties. It allows the theoretical analysis of tips of arbitrary shape, of arbitrary atomic structure and of well-defined chemical composition. In this regard, practically no limitation exist as each sample atom may be represented by an irregular Wigner-Seitz cell

The produced output can be analysed with standard APT evaluation methods as they are applied to real experimental data, too. Thus TAPSim enables a one-to-one comparison of the theoretical model of a sample with the direct measurements. From a theoretical point of view, it offers the possibility of testing new concepts and procedures for APT data treatment in a reliable and controlled way. Hopefully, this approach will help to improve the quality of the 3D reconstruction procedures as well as to understand artifacts in present-day reconstructions of measured data.


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