Thesis Subjects

Thesis subjects for bachelor's or master's degree.

For thesis work to finish the Bachelor's or Master's degree, we offer exciting challenges to any interested young student. Our primary goal is the understanding of atomic reactions on shortest length scales. For our experiments, we are running a thin film laboratory equipped with several ion beam sputter devices to produce ultra-thin films. We apply transmission electron microscopy as well as the quite exceptional atom probe tomography. Furthermore, you may use and learn well-established experimental methods of materials science: Metallography, X-ray diffractometry, differential calorimetry, electrochemical characterization, impedance spectroscopy, as well as computer simulation.

Possible thesis subjects range from methodical development in atom probe tomography, laser-material interaction, fundamentals of atomic transport on nanometric dimensions, solid state batteries, and sensor devices to applied problems in solder and sinter interconnections. You may also find work in numerical materials simulation. Our laboratories are located in Heisenbergstr. 3 (1st floor N-Section, 2nd floor Q-R-Section).

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