Institute for Materials Science

Department Bioinspired Materials

Prof. Dr. Joachim Bill

Learning from nature.

In nature, fascinating functional materials are synthesized through biomineralization. Biomineralization is the formation of organic-inorganic materials (hybrid materials) by living organisms. Biomaterials have exceptional properties based on the combination of biological and inorganic building blocks. Both, structure and synthesis are optimized for the efficiency and function of biomaterials.

Nanostructured hybrid materials are of particular importance for the development of pioneering key technologies. However, conventional process technologies often reach their limits in the production of such functional materials.

We investigate the transfer of synthesis strategies and structural principles from nature to technical materials, aiming sustainable and environmental compatible manufacturing processes for technical materials. Such smart materials can be applied in various technical fields, such as sensors for environmental and medical analysis or as energy storage devices for electro mobility.


Prof. Dr.

Joachim Bill

Head of Department


Juliane Kränzl


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