Materials Science Colloquium Summer Semester 2022

April 25, 2022

The first talk with Dr. Jürgen Spitaler

This Monday, the 25th of April 2022 at 4:30 p.m., our first presentation for Summer Semester 2022 in the Materials Science Colloquium will take place with Dr. Jürgen Spitaler, FG Materials Center Leoben Forschung GmbH, on the topic of: „Perovskite materials for energy applications: A holistic view on structural and functional properties from Raman spectra and ab-initio calculations“. For further information on the talk, please see the attached abstract.

We will meet in presence in the Werner-Köster Lecture Hall (Heisenbergstr. 3). Get-together with the speaker at 4:15 p.m. in the lobby.

We look forward to your attendance.

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