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Materials Science Student Representatives

Here you can find ways to contact us and information on how to join our newsletter.

Discord Server

Together with the chemistry student representatives we set up a discord server on which you can hang out with fellow students, get together to study or post any questions you encounter when solving excercises. Of course you will also find us there to answer any general questions.

You can join by following this Link:
After joining, make sure to go into the channel "#rollenauswahl" and post "?rank Materialwissenschaft" into the chat to assume the role of materials science student.

Need to download Discord or don't know what it is? Find all information here:

Sign up for Mailing List or Cancel Subscription

On a regular basis we provide general information, invitations to events and more via e-mail. If you would like to receive our e-mails, you can subscribe using the link below. After you finish studying of leave the University of Stuttgart you can unsubscribe using the same link.

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If you have trouble, let us know and we'll be happy to help.

Just drop by...

Our office and place to hang out is V55.ZG.634. It is located in the chemistry building just above the cafeteria Café Urknall (right hand side as you walk up the stairs). Usually somebody will be hanging out there so just drop by whenever you feel like it. If you wanna make sure you can alsways shoot us an e-mail beforehand, of course.

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