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Informations about the Master Thesis in Material Science.

Dear Students,

The Master thesis is a part of the Master study curriculum in Materials Science. It offers you extended practical experience in actual scientific work. Under the guidance and support of a supervisor, yet mainly based on your own initiative, you will complete a defined materials science project of your own. The report of results, the “Master Thesis”, should show that you are able to independently process a particular assignment of tasks within a defined time frame according to scientific methods and to present the results in an appropriate manner.

The Master thesis is generally performed at one of the chairs of the Institute for Materials Science or the Institute for Polymer Chemistry. The subject of the thesis is only released after the achievement of at least 51 credit points. Achievement of these points must be proven upon issuance of the subject of the Master’s thesis. The subject of the Master’s thesis is issued by the main examiner (this is generally a professor of the Institute for Materials Science or the Institute for Polymer Chemistry). Possible subject areas are listed on the websites of the respective chairs or you may contact the chair employees. The subsequent evaluation of the thesis is completed by the main examiner and a second examiner, which is chosen in accordance with the main examiner. Before starting, the thesis must be registered with the examinations office (Registration Form) as well as with the Dean of the examinations board (currently Prof. Dr. Bill). The latter form is available in the administrative offices of the respective main examiners.

The time frame for completion of the Master thesis is 12 months; the Master thesis should not cover more than 30 credit points (this equals 6 months full-time workload).

The Master thesis is evaluated by 2 examiners (main examiner and associate examiner). According to the examination regulations, the following persons can generally be considered as examiners: Prof. Bill, Prof. Buchmeiser, Prof. Ludwigs, Dr. Zotov, Prof. Schmitz, Prof. Weidenkaff

„External“ Completion of the Master Thesis

The Master thesis can be performed at other institutes or the industry if the following requirements are fulfilled:

  • As main examiners, Prof. Bill, Prof. Buchmeiser, Prof. Ludwigs, Dr. Zotov, Prof. Schmitz, or Prof. Weidenkaff must issue the subject of the thesis.

  • Part of the thesis must be completed at the Institute for Materials Science or at the Institute for Polymer Chemistry.

  • Please be aware that only those subjects that are close to the research field of the respective main examiners will have a chance.

  • The student must contact a main examiner early on to discuss planned external execution of a Master thesis.

Prof. Dr. G. Schmitz, Dean of Studies Materials Science
March 2018
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