List of courses offered by the Institute for Materials Science (IMW).

Information about the corona virus!

Universität Stutgart

The lecture period for the summer semester 2020 starts on Monday, April 20th, 2020. Most courses will be offered online until further notice. The online courses are provided on ILIAS (the links on the respective ILIAS pages are in the "Information / Downloads" column of the course tables).


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Max Planck Campus Büsnau

Due to the Corona crisis, the Max Planck Campus in Büsnau is only accessible to authorized persons.

Authorized persons are the employees of the resident institutes and registered visitors.

Registration lists must be drawn up for visitors. Only visitors on the registration lists have access to the campus in Büsnau. So that courses can be attended, students must register for the respective course on campus. The lists of registered students are passed on to the staff at the gate, so that access to the Büsnau campus is made possible. Please also note the regulations of the Max Planck Institute in Stuttgart (see the following link).

Information from the Max Planck Institute Stuttgart

Announcement Summer School (High Resolution & Analytical Microscopy)

High Resolution & Analytical Microscopy

Virtual lectures:
- by Prof. Dr. G. Schmitz and leading scientists in their field

Laboratory sessions (9:00-13:00 and 14:00-18:00): - in groups of 2-3 people
- including a technique expert

Literature and computers for open access: - available in seminar room 2R04

Skills to be aquired:
- theoretical and practical understanding
- sample preparation for electron microsocopy & atom probe tomography - performing TEM, SEM & APT research
- interpretation and evaluation of the results


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