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As the Dean of Studies, I would like to welcome you to our homepage and hope that you will find the desired information about our courses in Materials Science.


Materials Science represents a modern discipline of enormous technological and economical impact. I, myself, am always excited about the particular interdisciplinarity which includes physics and chemistry, and now biology as well, to solve problems that are specific and relevant to applications. Nevertheless, real scientific understanding is our primary goal. We call this the discovery of the Microstructure-Property Relationship. It would be our pleasure to introduce you into this scientific endeavour.

The Institute of Materials Science has developed and maintained a remarkably successful record in teaching ‘materials’ at one of the most renowned research and industrial regions of Germany. In 1976, the diploma degree “Metallkunde” was established initially in cooperation with the former Max-Planck-Institute for Metal Research. As the demands changed, this degree course was redesigned and renamed into “Werkstoffwissenschaft” later in 1995, because aside from metals, all other material classes meanwhile contribute a significant share in cutting-edge technology. In conjunction with the Bologna Process, consecutive bachelor and master courses in Materials Science were established in 2008. Now beginning with the winter term 2016/17, we offer again a significant modernisation: The new Bachelor strengthens the scientific basis. The new Master offers the choice among 8 (!) specialization topics to build your individual profile. There will be also more room for your individual research project to improve skills in practical scientific work.

The "Institute of Materials Science" plays a significant role in the organization of study courses and is located within the campus of the Max-Planck-Institutes in Stuttgart–Büsnau. This close proximity offers exceptional research as well as excellent educational possibilities for studying. The remarkable industrial environment around Stuttgart encourages applied research and offers optimal perspectives to graduate students looking for careers in the industry. Many of our graduates are reliable and sought-after scientists in industry and research, which demonstrates that the Stuttgart concept in Materials Science has been extremely successful.

Guido Schmitz


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